Monday, October 5, 2009

rainy season is coming to an end

check out the obama shirts.

my host mom and sister.

one of my host dad's wives (he's got 3). she's
telling me i am not good because i am not
helping her work. it's a joke.

taking beans out of pods.

another one of my dad's wives. she's sorting through beans.

my host brother's wife. she's taking the corn off
the cob. then they will try it out and take it to the
mill to be ground up.

ladies coming back from working hard in the rice fields.

eating a little pre-dinner snack.

getting hair extensions put in for the big
prayer day at the end of ramadan.

dressed up in nice clothes for the end of ramadan.

mam finished braiding my hair and wanted a picture.

this kid is yelling my name: tida! kids yell my
name a lot. they think it's fun. i do not.


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